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halcyon_shift in squeebook

Slightly delayed update...

1) The dev site is now the main system at squeebook.net, but it is still in beta and being worked on.

2) Some code tweaking has been done to work around bad HTML being used ( open < without closing > was causing some issues, that kind of thing ). Not perfect, but better than it was. Something has gone hinky with the encoding, I'm poking it when I have a moment.

Thank you those who've dropped a message to let me know where the issues are. Sorry I've not made individual replies, but the notes are much appreciated :)

PS Bookmarklet graphic still wanted *insert pathetic flail*


omg, i have totally failed you on the graphic ::headdesk:: am in the middle of christmas crazy, but should have some time come next week. i am so sorry to be a flake :(
Oh, hey, no big thing! :) it was kind of you to offer and if you get a moment to do it, awesome cakes, but if not it's all good.
Oh, thank all things holy! I'm so glad it's not dead!

I wish I could help with the graphic.
Not dead, just sleeping :P
I just discovered this tool and omg amazing! Me and my kindle love you. Being able to combine lj chapters into one file, pure joy!

(One thing - I haven't been able to get the bookmarklet working in Chrome - not sure why; when I try to use it nothing happens, except occasionally it brings up an error message on lj pages - not consistently or I could tell you what it was! ^^;)
This is seriously the best. However, recently, I've been having issues combining multi-chapter fics into one for epub. Am I doing something wrong?
Hi, the site's been down today. I hope this is just a random server issue, not a larger issue. I've come to rely on it so much, I don't know what I'd do without it!

Love all the new features. The chapter breaks are a heavenly treat. Thanks for all your hard work!
Is the site down right now? I can't make it work in FF or IE.

I'm excited to try Squeebook, it's sure going to beat C&Ping LJ fic into MS word and then converting to epub.

I think your site must be down, because I can't get it to work either on IE, FF, Chrome, Seamonkey ...

Hope you will fix it soon, because, it's simply great.

Is the site down? I can't seem to access it... *insert epic sad-face here*

squee!Book Bookmarklet Icon: Finished! XD

I have stepped up to the plate and done it! I just hope everything is ok with HalcyonShift her(or him)self! *worried expression* ;.;

Sincerely, Mahala A.C.

March 2013

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