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halcyon_shift in squeebook

Slightly delayed update again...

In short: host hacked, invented new swear words, went in search of new home for many, many sites, found one, but realised new home would probably break down and cry trying to run S!B, pretty sure heard old host laugh and laugh.

Whiiiiich is where we're at now. So, sorry for the down time, the script should return over the next few days, back where it was. Possibly with some bug fixes, even - it could happen! And definitely with a new bookmarklet icon - thank you so much, mahala_ac, it's awesome! :D

In the mean time, I understand there are lots of sites / software that can do what S!B does? If anyone wants to link to them in here for people, that would be great.


Thanks for the update. Actually, there are others that are similar, but I still think SQ is one of the best, as it actually allows to do multi-chapters and it supports LJ, which others don't.

As for bug fixes, I noticed that when the title is a bit long, it overlaps with the author name. The only way around I found was to not insert the author name as a temporary fix, so to speak.

Glad to hear it'll come back soon, I'll be waiting for it. And thanks for all your hard work too!
I'll be working on the cover today, thanks for the heads up!
I've been poking around ever since we chatted and sadly, most sites won't work with LJ (and certainly wont work with age restricted sites). Right now I am looking for any site that will allow me to copy and paste multi-chapter URLs (say from an LJ master post) to create either a PDF or an eBook. Will let you know if I find one.
Okie dokie - any you find, let me know and I'll add links here or on the site, thank yoooou!

Also, the site is back up if you actually needed it for anything :P


I'm SO happy I could be of use Halcyon! And I'm glad you are just fine and BACK!XD And I'm also QUITE glad squee!Book will be up and running soon! I'm gonna check it out now...lol And I'm SO glad you like the icon I made for ya....if there is anything else along that graphic arts road you need....let me know! *~^.^~* Over & Out Halcyon! ^-^~*

Sincerely, Mahala A.C. 'Halo'

March 2013

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