March 24th, 2012


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As promised, today I am all about s!B, so the site may experience minor turbulence if I'm updating files and whatnot. The shaky will be kept to a minimum.

In other news, the chapter limit of 20 has been raised to 30 and we'll see how that plays over the weekend. If it's too much weight on the server, it will drop back to 20 again. If everything seems groovy, it will go up to 50.

What's New?

- The cover system has had an overhaul to allow more flexibility. It's in beta, just like ... the entire site, so if you have any things you'd like to see - in the covers or in general - let me know.

Still can't drag and drop in IE9, apparently they're set to catch up with IE10. Soooooon. Soooooooooooon.

- Experimenting with a new input cleaner. A lot of the issues with the various e-books not working properly are because of bad HTML going in (no biscuit.) So if you weren't able to grab something before, you may be able to now.

If you still can't, can you give me the URL (if non-flocked) so I have something to poke with?

- Chapters are still limited at 30. Not sure if anyone's actually tried grabbing something that long, but so far, so good?

- Flocked LJ and DW entries can be grabbed via username and password again (if you've already been given access!) IDEK what happened there, man o_0

What's New? (Part 2)

Due to popular (well, semi-popular, well, someone asked? I think? Unless I was hallucinating feature requests. That happens.) demand, the script has been updated to make a valiant effort at grabbing fic in a nicely formatted fashion from the following sites:
(actually, it will do its best with all eFiction sites now, but it's only been tested on these two, so if it goes belly up on another let me know)

It will not, repeat will not, automatically grab chapters.

If you'd like others added, post in here.