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halcyon_shift in squeebook


Wow, so it's been a while. Hi!

We have kind of a good news, bad news thing going on.

Good News
There's a new beta version at http://dev.squeebook.net which (I hope!) takes into account some of the posts that have been left in here on and off as well as including some additional features at last:

- Mobi chapters!
- Chapter titles!
- Chapter ordering!
- Improved encoding!
- No covers! (Unless you want them. Then, easier covers!)
- Improved chapter fetching! Kind of! (100 chapter opuses, you probably still want to grab using other methods)

Bad News
Livejournal is having issues, either with SB, SB's particular server/ip or SB's host, I really have no idea. Although SB tries to be super-considerate of the servers it's getting content from (hence the chapter fetch limits) so I hope it's not SB.

I'm going to give it a few more days and hope LJ loves us again, which is always a possibility. Perhaps there will be a touching reunion. Some kind of movie deal. It could happen.

If not, there's basically two options:

Option 1: We move to another server, which I'm only going to consider if anyone is actually still using this, because it doesn't pay for itself (look, ma, no ads!)

Option 2: Squeebook doesn't fetch LJ, which probably removes its usefulness for 90% of whoever still uses it, so I'd just shut it down and provide alternate links. Or, more accurately, you provide me with alternate links, that I provide in turn because, ironically, I don't actually read ebooks myself.

So if you're invested in SB sticking around, comment! "Me! Me! I'm here!" or something will be fine. If not and are still following this comm anyway (I assume for the ambiance), please do give suggestions for alternates.


I'm still here. I still use Squeebook, but only for LJ because it's the only utility I know of that works (worked?) with LJ.
I'm still here! I use Squeebook for LJ.
Please, don't close Squee!Book, that's the only one thing working with LJ :(

Have you ever considered to turn Squee!Book into a Calibre addon?

Edited at 2013-03-02 08:25 pm (UTC)
I'm not a python coder :) If I go that route one day, maybe, but I'd be surprised if someone else doesn't do it first... I'm not using anything except LJs provided system to get content.
The thing is I haven't seen anything like that anywhere. Nothing that would simply let me paste links and get the content of LJ post and convert it in one go. Well, not even in 3 steps, nothing gets LJ post content
i still care about squee!book and have friends that use it (though my life has changed enough that i don't read much fanfic any more, so have infrequent need of squee!book currently.)
I'm still using squeebook, and I'm reccing it to my friends!
I love using squeebook for LJ and I also use it to put together ebooks from AO3 series :) since they can't ebook a series just individual fics.

I really love your application and knowing it'll take more chapters is fantastic!!
I didn't even think of combining AO3 series this way! Good tip, thank you.
I'm in love with Squeebook!!
SqueeBook is amazing for making ebooks when there's not an AO3 link. There's really no alternative that I've ever found!
I use it for LJ because nothing else works. Thanks for making it!
Squeebook isn't working for me any more. I just tried loading some URLs from LJ and in both Firefox and Chrome, they wouldn't load, even individually. :(
Read the full post, it explains about livejournal :)
Ah. Dang, I hope it fixes itself soon. Bah, LJ.
I use SqueeBook for LJ exclusively, so I hope it's a touching reunion! ;)
I shall now take this opportunity to thank you for creating and maintaining the marvellous invention that is Squeebook. It has proven so *incredibly* useful to me over the last 2+ years I've been using it and I wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to keep it up there. You are fantastic, the website is amazing, and I hope any problems it appears to be causing you disappear quickly.

(Thank you again!)
Thank you! I'm so glad it's been useful :)
I still use squeebook! I've tried other alternatives and even with some of the quirky bugs I've come across, squeebook has proven to be the most reliable. It's not that hard to go in and replace your stylesheet with one that suits my personal preferences. :)

I look forward to testing out the new version. Hopefully it'll work with LJ... With so many authors leaving fandom, I've been nervously saving fics for the sake of avoiding heartache.

Edit: It just occurred to me--I have a domain. If you wanted me to install a bit of code on it to see if it would work from another domain or if LJ is just plain stupid, I'd be happy to help anyway that I can.

Edited at 2013-03-03 11:38 pm (UTC)
I've actually tried it on another domain, and it does seem to work there, so I think moving would do the trick (hopefully) but thank you so much for the offer!

Error: Testing out the new version

I tried to save some text I copy-pasted from LJ and the grabby button seemed to have timed out. I refreshed the page and got this message:

Warning: unlink(/home/lithium_doll/dev.squeebook.net/cache/books/7620114615_) [function.unlink]: Is a directory in /home/lithium_doll/dev.squeebook.net/index.php on line 207

Is that helpful to you at all?

Re: Error: Testing out the new version

Fixed, thank you!
I love Squeebook!

Edited at 2013-03-04 04:05 pm (UTC)
I'm using SB for combining multi chapter fics, so I'd definitely miss it. From what I've experienced the last few days the Readability.com add-on, which I'm using for one-shots, doesn't seem to working anymore, either.
I recently got a Kindle and SB has been a godsend for copying older LJ fics over to reread, particularly multi-chapter ones. I certainly would appreciate it if it stuck around!

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