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halcyon_shift in squeebook

squee!Book v2.1

I have a new version. I'm turning into Firefox o_0. In fairness, this is where the other version was going, but I had to move up my timetable on it, and it's slightly more suited towards production mode than the new one ... but the new one has more toys.


-- HTML5 a go-go. At some point I'll see if I can play nicer with IE, but that's not happening right now, so you'll need FF, Chrome, possibly Safari, not sure.

-- Bookmarklet! Drag the icon the site suggests you drag to your browser toolbar, head over to the non-flocked (for the moment) fic page of your choice and then click and see. It's really in dev right now, so I promise nothing, but it might work out for those after HTML or PDF, particularly.

-- Expanded cover functionality, as promised. You can do. Like. Stuff?


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I'm really liking the new version!
I am having some trouble with some fanfics I fetched with Squee!book. I downloaded them as EPUBs and they open on my laptop without a problem. All the pages and such are there and in order. But when I open the EPUBs up on my Sony Reader, there is just the title page and some empty space. I converted the files to MOBI and put them on my Kindle, but had the same problem. They still open fine on my laptop, but not on any of my readers. I'm stumped. Can you help?
Over on [community profile] ebooks on Dreamwdith, [personal profile] jumpuphigh is having problems with Squeebook, but they can't currently access LJ due to commenting problems, so I said I'd make a link for them.

The post is here.
I'm afraid there's not a lot I can do right now, because squee's back on hiatus due to other commitments, but if you can get me actual example URLs she's trying to load, I'll have a look when I can. The main thing is usually bad HTML going in.
This is a truly beautiful thing. Fantastic!

I am having trouble uploading images for a cover, though. Is there a preferred format/file size/etc? I've tried dragging and dropping from my desktop, photobucket, LJ scrapbook, web pages - nada. Is there a space for a URL tag to upload that way?

Max number of chapters and/or toolbar

I tried it out today with a multi-chapter fic from FFnet, but it only takes the first twenty chapters of the 35 in total, the rest needed to be added manually.

As for the toolbar; will it be upgraded to allow you to add more links? Now it just automagically takes the first twenty (on FFnet) but if you have a longer-chaptered fic then you need somewhere to add the extra chapter links in the toolbar too.

Also, I was unable to upload a cover but a friend of mine could. Are there certain requirements for this?

After double-checking it turns out that adding the FFnet links for chapters one and 21 through 35 still results in only getting the chapters 1-20, several times. For every extra added link (on top of the one for chapter 1) you get chapters 1-20 again. I tried it in Google Chrome and have it convert to PDF. I guess this means I'll just have to split all the fics that have >20 chapters...

Edited at 2012-02-15 04:19 pm (UTC)

Slightly off-topic

Just used squeebook for the first time and it worked very well (converted a 17 chaptered fic into an epub file using Firefox as browser - if that kind of thing helps with development). A huge huge thanks to you for putting a lot of time and effort in provinding a service to coding-illiterate people like me! Squee indeed!!

Re: Slightly off-topic

Thank you! I'm glad it's helpful :)
I'm having trouble figuring out how to add an image to the cover. Nothing happens when I drag and drop. Does it not work in Firefox?

Edit: I just tried adding a cover with Safari. At least this time I got a message saying the file had to be 500kb or less ... but I'd dragged over an icon, so file size wasn't my issue.

Edited at 2012-04-24 11:26 pm (UTC)
Hi! I love Squeebook, because saving ebooks from LJ is such a huge pain on its own. I'm having trouble with smart quotes and other special characters, however -- I was trying to save an ebook as HTML and the smart quotes came out as gibberish like ’.
Hi there!

Thanks for this wonderful website. I haven't used it as much as I'd like yet, but it is fantastic.

Now, a little FYI, as I don't know if this is happening to someone else, but I've been trying to use it in the last three, four weeks, and it won't load any chapters (all links from FF.net).

Keep up the hard work :)

PDF error

I love Squee!Book. I loved the old version, and I'm loving the new version, too. Except, I'm getting an error message now when I try to use it.

I'm trying to convert a story from LiveJournal, and save it as a PDF. I did this several times last Friday, and it worked. Until it suddenly stopped working. I thought, "Oh, I've just worn it out. I'll try again later." But that didn't help. Then I thought, "Oh, the title is in French, and it doesn't like the non-English characters." So I translated the title, but that didn't help either.

Here is the exact error message I get:

FPDF error: Unsupported image type: gif?v

Now, I'm not trying to add a cover image. As far as I can tell, there are no images connected to the story I'm trying to save. I Googled the error message, and saw several message board conversations saying that .gif file formats weren't supported, and to use .png or .jpg. But if there aren't any pictures, I don't see how this is a problem.

I'm using Firefox version 13. I've tried it using Safari version 5, but that didn't help. And I'm on a Mac, so I can't use Chrome or IE.

I've probably given you way more information than you want or need, but I thought I'd tell you everything I could, in case it helps.

Edited at 2012-07-23 02:25 pm (UTC)
Found this due to a recommendation on, um, well... here: http://starsky-hutch.livejournal.com/1256664.html#comments

Never heard of it before, came to check it out. And holy cats does your layout/wording ever appeal to me. I don't do much in the way of conversion but I am delighted to learn there's an easy way to do it.

Thank you very much for creating and (as time/other obligations permit) maintaining the service.
I'm using Firefox. Something odd seems to be happening with character recognition, specifically with apostrophes. I've tried the new squeebook twice with different stories and the apostrophes keep being replace by ???.

For example: "Jensen Ackles???s life has been made up of coincidences and accidents."
If you can give me the browser you're using, the source URL and the format you're trying to make, I can take a look - unfortunately the wide and vastly irritating world of text encoding means I need examples :)
Hey, found another odd thing. I'm noticing that a single line break isn't being preserved. Here is a page I was trying to grab, only to seemingly have all of line breaks in the header text disappear: http://sammehsayum.livejournal.com/4122.html

I didn't actually download the ebook as I noticed the missing line breaks when I went to "check under the hood".
Sorry for the delay, day job got busy :) Should be good now, thanks for the report
I noticed the same thing as eosrose. The character recognition also seem to have trouble with '-'. The single line breaks seem to be converted to bolding tags with the closing tags being added.

Also, the lj usernames in the usual format are completely missing.

I saw this with several fic posts. For example in this post: http://polybigbang.livejournal.com/46800.html?style=mine

I'm using Firefox 19.0.
Also, the DW links from the link above aren't grabbed at all and the LJ links don't work equally.

P.S. A post without bolding in the fic header doesn't have the missing line breaks problem.

ePub error

I had trouble yesterday with this particular format. I tried: 1) grabbing the ebook from the squeebook site and 2) emailing it, and got the same error both times. The book doesn't show the text, only the title, author and chapter numbers.
This is the URL http://thefooliam.livejournal.com/22324.html and I'm on Firefox 18.

I did not try with the other formats, so I cannot tell if they work properly or not. Any ideas if this a Firefox issue?

Re: ePub error

I'm afraid I can't replicate the error - it downloaded and emailed fine, and opened all four chapters in Calibre and Sony's Reader.

I was using Firefox 19, but I doubt it's a browser issue to be honest.

When you've loaded the chapters, try the 'check under the hood' bit: load each chapter in the WYSIWYG.

To do that, hover your cursor over a chapter, press the pencil icon that appears, edit the text if you want, then press the pencil icon again.
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