Lithy (halcyon_shift) wrote in squeebook,

squee!Book v2.1

I have a new version. I'm turning into Firefox o_0. In fairness, this is where the other version was going, but I had to move up my timetable on it, and it's slightly more suited towards production mode than the new one ... but the new one has more toys.

-- HTML5 a go-go. At some point I'll see if I can play nicer with IE, but that's not happening right now, so you'll need FF, Chrome, possibly Safari, not sure.

-- Bookmarklet! Drag the icon the site suggests you drag to your browser toolbar, head over to the non-flocked (for the moment) fic page of your choice and then click and see. It's really in dev right now, so I promise nothing, but it might work out for those after HTML or PDF, particularly.

-- Expanded cover functionality, as promised. You can do. Like. Stuff?
Tags: !release announcement
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